Immediate Resources

C2C Classes for Parents of Montgomery County Public School Students

Free ESOL Classes

Improve your English now! C2C’s classes are educational, practical, and fun. Learn important English skills at any level, beginner to advanced. You will meet midday or evening, twice each week, for 8 weeks. Classes are offered online in Zoom. Start today, succeed tomorrow! To apply, click here.


Free GED Classes

In C2C’s program, you will develop the essential knowledge, critical thinking skills, and strategies to succeed on the GED exam or prepare for college. Open doors to higher education, secure better career opportunities, and increase your earning potential by enrolling today! Classes are offered online in Zoom and run for 8 weeks. To apply, click here.


Free US Citizenship Classes

Do you want to become a US Citizen? Join C2C’s program to learn more English and US Civics, practice for the Naturalization exam, and get help on your Citizenship application with their partner CASA de Maryland. Classes are offered both in-person and online in Zoom. Start now, achieve your dream! To apply, click here.