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Volunteer Spotlight

Kristen Conte started volunteering with CareerCatchers in 2017. Because she benefitted from good mentors in her career in

Organizational Finance, she knew the importance of a good teacher and a good listener. Kristen started working right after high school and didn’t decide to go to college until her late 20’s. Since she was also working, it took 12 years to finish her Bachelor of Science program.


Kristen likes financial forecasting and interpreting financial information. She likes the precision required in finance and accounting, and has built financial models to help businesses make sound decisions about starting a new product line, hiring staff, or opening a new location. She also wanted to be a teacher, and in elementary school, dreamed of that opportunity. At CareerCatchers, she can combine both her financial expertise and teaching. She teaches Bookkeeping, QuickBooks, Microsoft Word, and Excel.

Clients in Bookkeeping and QuickBooks ask questions from both a business and technical perspective. One client had a  consulting firm and wanted to learn how to transition her  finances from paper to a software program. Another client  owned a market and wanted to save time and money by recording all transactions in QuickBooks. During the course, Kristen describes how businesses bring money in and spend it, discussing how budgets are developed and monitored.

In the Word and Excel classes, Kristen explains problems that can arise when formatting changes are made, or when information is added to or removed from a Word document or Excel spreadsheet. She admires clients taking control of their situation and actively signing up for online training classes. Her hard working students are equally admiring.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us!

Resume Critique
Assist Clients with Online Applications, Interview Practice
Tutor Clients for ESOL, GED & Other Exams
Teach Computer Skills
Data Entry
Host Workshops on Job Readiness Skills