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Response to Client needs during COVID-19


I’m extremely grateful to CareerCatchers. Their one-on-one guidance was invaluable at a crucial time when I needed assistance. Their patience and expertise helped me navigate a complicated application to present my work experience in the best possible light. Thank you!



2020 has become the longest year in world history, but Kunda, Chris, and Carl have helped make it bearable.



Kindly note that I have received the [EARP] check from the Montgomery County. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your help.


Thank you for your help in making me join LC Chat. I love it. They make each person speak and explain new words and expressions to us. I simply love it because it is helping me achieve the goal of practicing English. Some of them even teach English.

Thank you for all that you are doing to help me improve. I will never forget it. I am very happy to meet interesting people even during this difficult time. May God bless you.


I want to take this moment to thank you for everything you have been doing to help me succeed. I’m glad I gave you the call about my final. You encourage me to look up the information up online. I would had never thought about it that way. Thank you Mana. 

In other news, I passed both my classes with “B”. I did way better than I expected. Just that little small conversation that we had about structure went a very long way. You are the best! I pray that you’ll be apart of my next chapter of my life.

I’ll always need your help! 


Hello–I wanted to just send out a few words of appreciation for the work you are doing.  I just got off an EXCELLENT presentation on Jobs and the Gig Economy that Ms. Grace K sent me.  The presentation included Carl Edgecombe, Ms. Kunda, Yanira Rodriguez David and Chris Stephens among others. It was very useful, motivational and informative.  I would like to see you promote, fund and encourage more of these types of information sessions especially during these difficult times of uncertainty. As a participant not affiliated with MC, my opinions were valued and my questions answered with kindness, specific actions to take as well as valuable advice and actual knowledge.  I learned much more than I expected and received valuable links to lead me into what I want to do for my future.   

Thank you again for this amazing and valuable service to the community!



With your help, I received a $500 [EARP] check today. This is the equivalent to my three-year pension in China. My strong tears thankful tears.



Client shared with staff member about her experience with a CareerCatchers volunteer:
She said there were no words to communicate how she felt. AB is God send. She communicated that in the past individuals didn’t have the patience and that made her amazingly frustrated so she would simply stop. With AB’s help she knows she will acquire her GED.  They have set up time to meet by means of zoom, she communicated that she is eagerly anticipating their next meeting.


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