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Client Feedback

“I just took the Excel course hosted by Emma, and taught by Kristen Conte. Thank you Emma for the Excel class. It was brilliant and timely.  What a great teacher and class — she had a way of introducing us to how intricately more there is to Excel, and without making us feel as though we will never be able to manage it. Taking this class put me back in touch with CareerCatchers… I look forward to being apprised of more classes, which I will need to transition from the service sector back to office work.”

What did you learn from this class that could help you achieve your goals?

“I have a much better understanding of accounting. I can apply what I have learned comfortably in any work situation that requires bookkeeping.”

“I was able to refresh my knowledge of basic Excel which will be helpful as I continue to expand my knowledge.”

“This class has given me a better understanding of accounting procedures. I will definitely apply what I have learned to my career.”

“I found it very helpful in learning how to use Word & QuickBooks software and work to achieve my goals.”

“Everything I learned will be extremely helpful.”

What would you tell someone considering attending a future workshop?

“Please sign up for workshops they are very beneficial to you.”

“I would tell them that the workshops provide excellent information and resources that help get you job ready, even if you have been unemployed for a very long time.”

“CareerCatchers provides its clients with a wealth of information that prepares them for the work place. Their workshops give clients confidence and knowledge to be able to apply for careers and jobs in their chosen industries.”

“We have an excellent teacher. You learn a lot from the class.”

“These classes are designed to help clients get hired and keep their jobs. They are priceless, and would cost hundreds of dollars if they were offered by a for-profit organization. In my opinion, the workshops are worth the time and effort spent in attending them.”

“You will leave with a better understanding than when you started.”

Please share a review of your experience or any other additional comments.

“Kristen Conte is an excellent instructor. She takes the time to explain concepts and makes sure everyone is on the same page before she moves on to the next topic.”

“The workshops are taught by knowledgeable and highly skilled instructors and coaches. The one-on-one career coaching experience is excellent and I am grateful to be recipient of both these services.”

“It was great and I recommend this class to whoever would like to learn about it IT and data tracking.”

“I enjoyed the workshop and found the learning process to be very helpful.”

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