Empowerment Hour

CareerCatchers holds an Empowerment Hour on Tuesday afternoons from 3:00-4:00pm. We understand that this is a very stressful time for everyone with many unforeseen challenges arising as a result of COVID-19. We wanted to create a safe group environment where we can discuss these challenges & come up with strategies for dealing with them.

Upcoming Empowerment Hour Topics

September 2023

September 26th: Growth Mindset

Your mindset is one of the most important tools you have available to change your life. Why not learn how to use it to grow? Join us as we talk about the benefits of a growth mindset, how growing your current abilities can benefit you, and how to adopt a growth mindset for yourself.

Look forward to our future topics!

  • October 3rd: Work-Life Balance
  • October 10th: Nature and Mental Health Benefits
  • October 20th: Family Fun Day
  • October 24th: How Much Do You Value Your Values?
  • October 31st: How to Be Intentional With Your Time and Attention

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