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Volunteer as a tutor:

GapBuster Inc is seeking volunteers to tutor primary school students. The time commitment is flexible and is all virtual. The volunteer opportunity is a part-time ‘Virtual Tutor’ position for all grade levels and subjects, especially for ESL (English to Spanish-speaking) tutors.

Volunteer application link:

We have nearly 20 students who are in need of tutors. For more information about our organization and programs offered visit GapBuster, Inc. at

For inquires into the tutoring program please connect our Executive Director and our Youth Programs Coordinator:

GapBuster Inc., CEO Dr. Yvette Butler-Yoboah:

Angelina “Angie” Peterson Youth Program Coordinator:

IT-Buster New Class on June 26th:

The program is aimed at youth ages 14-24, and individuals who can be bonded, otherwise known as opportunity youth. The next class opens on June 26th (Hybrid – a combination of in-person and virtual). 

What is GapBuster Inc.?

GapBuster is a (501(c)(3) non-profit organization that assists students in achieving improved test scores, introduces them to leadership programs, college tours, and travel they would not otherwise experience. GapBuster Inc., provides programming for students in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties, Maryland, in the form of after-school leadership development, a junior chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers, college preparation, and drop-out prevention programs. Through supplemental education, enrichment programs, and leadership development training, GapBuster develops well-rounded individuals positioned to excel in academic, social, and professional environments.

What is IT-Busters?

IT-Busters (IT-BUSTERS) is a program of GapBuster Inc. and was established to help students get career-ready to enter into the ever-changing Information Technology arena.  IT-Busters (IT-BUSTERS) knows firsthand that computer training has to meet all of its customers’ needs in order to have a tangible lasting impact. When you measure across multiple customer segments—each of which has its own priorities—you see how much more training must do to consistently and simultaneously satisfy participants, managers, and executives. Training then can move to close those gaps and deliver more real value. Closing those gaps between employer skill needs and employee skills development is the main objective of IT-BUSTERS.

Our contact information specifically for IT-Busters is (c) +1.301.779.4252 or email us at

Tell me more about the CompTIA A+ class:

Training is provided in the following areas: CompTIAA+ Plus, CompTIA Network +, Cyber Security, Oracle DB, Cisco Training, AWS, and Web Development. Each training will consist of 12 students per class, 4 hours per weekday, and 8 hours on weekends (Saturdays). Upon completion of the program, the students will receive a certificate of course completion. IT-Busters will help students in the search for employment by helping in resume setup, interview preparation, and internship placement. *Students also receive a free laptop and may be eligible for their class to be paid for. In-person classes are held at the following building: 15825 Shady Grove Rd Ste 30 Rockville, MD 20850

Here are more details about the IT-Busters Program:
9 skills that you master and validate with CompTIA A+:

  • Hardware
  • Operating Systems
  • Software Troubleshooting
  • Network
  • Hardware & Network Troubleshooting
  • Security
  • Mobile Devices
  • Visualization/Cloud
  • Operational Procedures

Individuals can enroll by clicking the link
For more information about GapBuster Inc. visit GapBuster, Inc. (