CC Client Success Stories

Client Testimonials

I just want to thank you for all that you have done for me, all the help that you have given me to become successful in life. You are a great person. I believe God placed you in my life for many reasons and you are now helping me achieve my lifelong goals. I deeply appreciate CareerCatchers for all that you guys have done for me. I just want to say thank you!!!


Laura is a teen mother and City of Gaithersburg client who was working at IHOP as a waitress—making three dollars an hour. It was a dead-end job with difficult hours and subsistence pay. After three weeks of job counseling with CC, Laura more than tripled her wages when she was offered a part-time job as a hostess working 16-20 hours a week at $10 plus tips at a restaurant in the Kentlands. CC counselors continued job searching with Laura and she went on several interviews, in an effort to expand her job horizons. After several interviews she was offered a part- time receptionist job in a law firm in Gaithersburg working 20 hours a week. Now she is working both jobs, finally saving money. With these better jobs Laura has gained not only more security but also more confidence. She is considering enrolling at MCC in the spring 2015.


Gail was a trained Certified Nursing Assistant/ Geriatric Nursing Assistant who was homeless, living at Stepping Stones Shelter with her three children. Gail knew that to support herself and her family, she would need a better paying job. She wanted to advance in the health field, and she knew that meant she would have to go to college to earn an Associates degree. CC Counselors helped Gail research possible careers. She was fascinated with the Pharmacy Technician program. CC Counselors helped her apply for admission as well as scholarships, and Gail was fortunate to receive a scholarship. She is currently enrolled in the Pharmacy Technician program and will be enrolling in a Degree program in the spring semester at MCC School of Health Science. Gail is working very hard for her family’s future. While attending school she has maintained her full-time job at the nursing home, while taking care of her three children. Gail has also transitioned into a home of her own and is beginning to see a future with income security.


Susan and her young daughter were living in Stepping Stones Shelter. Susan knew her anger and attitude caused her to lose many jobs in the past. CC counselors and her case manager worked with Susan to help break down her barriers to employment— concentrating specifically on communication skills, job retention skills, and anger management. Susan’s dream was to get and keep a full time job and learn how to interact successfully with others. After five weeks of intensive job searching, resume writing, Interview prep and several one-on-one sessions on job retention, Susan obtained a full time job at a fitness club, as a cashier in their Barista Cafe. But Susan didn’t stop there. Within two months she was promoted to supervisor of the Barista Café. Five months later she was promoted to Child Center Coordinator. To insure success at this latest promotion, Susan will begin classes at Montgomery Community College this winter, in the Early Childhood Education program. After realizing her first dream, Susan now has hope for a more professional future. Upon completing the certification she plans on enrolling into the Psychology program at MCC.


Rose is an immigrant from Uganda, who was caught in an abusive relationship with the man who brought her to the US. As is often the case, when Rose left her abuser she ended up without legal immigrant status in the United States. Rose came to CC without proper papers in 2007, and CC worked with her intensely to help her get proper work status, jobs and training. Eventually she was successfully working and supporting herself as a Certified Nursing Assistant. But Rose felt that she could be more, professionally. Three years ago, she came back to CC hoping there was some way to work in office support, as she had in Uganda as an executive secretary. CC counselors worked with Rose to create a resume that reflected that experience. CC Counselors also helped her find possible opportunities, helped her with application and interview skills. Rose applied to a job opening at the Embassy of Sudan, competing against 12 other applicants. Despite having no connection or history with the Embassy, Rose’s superior qualifications shined through and she was offered the job. She began working as an executive assistant at the Embassy of Sudan over two years ago and has thrived in the position ever since.