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With the increased use of the internet for job applications and online training, scammers are reaching out and offering seemingly legitimate opportunities. Did you know scammers advertise jobs like employers to steal money and personal information? Would you know if a job posting was legitimate or a scam? Regardless of which side you’re on, check out examples of different job scams to help make you aware and familiar. You can also jot down these tips on avoiding job scams to help get you started: Do an online search and look up the name of the company or the person who’s hiring you. Talk to someone you trust, especially if you’re unsure if a posting is legitimate. When in doubt reach out to your CareerCatchers career coach and ask for help. DO NOT SEND personal information until you verify who you are sending it to. Don’t pay for the promise of a job.

Working from Home Job Scams Are on the Rise! 

Are the Jobs You’re Applying for Scams? With working from home being so common these days, scammers have tried to find yet another way to scheme. Job scammers have been reaching out pretending to be different companies offering at-home employment. Keep in mind, they’re after your personal information and money. Never give them your information until you check a few things:

Do an online search to make sure the company is legitimate.

Go to other websites to search for the company for reviews and other details.

Never bank on a “cleared” check. Watch out for employers asking you to add money to an amount they send or cover the balance of a check they send. Learn about at-home job scams and how to report them.